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Gustaaf Van Slembroek old cyclist photo



Johan, Greg, Bradley, Tom, Remco ... Not all of us are professionals, but that doesn't mean we can't look like one.

There are more and more men and women who go out by bike once or several times a week. The iconic suits of Mapei and Mario Cipollini are only vague memories of times gone by. Each rider and club has its own clothing and pays more and more attention to the appearance. Only the socks are usually omitted here.

ISOCK was founded with the ambition to equip every cycling fan with its own look in terms of socks. High quality and good looking all year round.



Our team
ISOCK history photo
Eric De Clercq

More of a servant than a leader, not a winner, but in the case of ISOCK the founder and guiding force.

Pieter Lootens

Grinder of the team.  You won't lose him on the flat.  The graphic guru behind all ISOCK designs.


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