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Bjorn De Decker

ISOCK opted for quality instead of quantity. What I like outside of the beautiful designs is that they still have the same fit after washing 10 times.


Daphne Merlevede

Great durable socks that are comfy and look great. With a nod to the greatest of all time.


Tom Burms

I like simple socks, but sometimes they can have that little bit extra. This is where ISOCK excels, simplicity with that cherry on top! If you then also link that to top quality.




Cycling...  Once bitten, you're hooked for life.  But let's face it, we'll never become a pro. However, that's not to say you shouldn't look like one. ISOCK wants to give every cyclist the feeling of being unique and therefore designs these cycling socks with a unique print. These socks will undoubtedly give you the necessary attention during your next ride. Go out and enjoy the ride. #FEEL GOOD, #LOOK GOOD


+32 0473559085



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